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Introducing the BODY SLEEVE COVERED CROTCH, a long medical-surgical girdle with side closure designed to provide exceptional post-surgical care and promote optimal posture. This girdle, featuring side closure and internal hooks, is crafted from a soft and durable fabric to ensure comfort during your recovery process.

Key Features:

  1. Post-Surgical Design for Daily Wear: The BODY SLEEVE COVERED CROTCH is designed for daily use and provides exceptional support during the recovery from post-surgical or aesthetic procedures. Its comprehensive design offers comfort and care for effective recovery.

  2. Medium Compression on Abdomen, Waist, Hips, and Back: It provides medium compression across the abdomen, waist, hips, and back, offering support where needed most and helping maintain a sculpted figure.

  3. Side Closure and Internal Hooks: The side closure and internal hooks make it easy to put on the girdle, ensuring a secure and personalized fit. This feature allows for straightforward and comfortable handling, especially after surgical procedures.

  4. Powernet Elastic Textiles and Soft Lining: Designed with Powernet elastic textiles and a soft lining, the girdle offers smoothness against your skin without causing discomfort, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.

  5. Front Closure with Internal Flannel Protector: The front closure includes an internal flannel protector to prevent skin irritations, ensuring a soft and protected contact.

  6. Flat Seams: Flat seams prevent markings on the outer garment, contributing to a discreet and comfortable appearance.

  7. Control on Waist and Hips: The girdle controls the waist and hips, helping sculpt and enhance your curves effectively.

  8. Immediate Reduction of Measurements: Experience an immediate reduction in measurements, achieving visible results from the first use.

The BODY SLEEVE COVERED CROTCH is the perfect choice for those seeking a comprehensive girdle that not only provides exceptional post-surgical support but is also comfortable and functional for everyday use. Order now and experience the perfect blend of care, comfort, and stylization.