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Introducing GIRDLE SLEEVES, the ultimate solution for back and arm control and shaping. This garment is thoughtfully designed to provide firm support and shaping to your back and arms, making it an ideal choice for both daily wear and post-surgical recovery.

Key Features:

  1. Back and Arm Control: GIRDLE SLEEVES offer effective control and shaping for both the back and arms, ensuring a sleek and sculpted appearance.

  2. Lined Strip for Bust Coverage: Featuring a lined strip that covers the bust, this garment provides additional fixation and support to enhance the overall shaping effect.

  3. Silicone-Edged Elastic at the Base: The silicone-edged elastic at the base ensures a secure fit, preventing the garment from slipping and providing comfort throughout the day.

  4. Front Closure with 3-Position Hooks: The front closure with three lines of hooks allows for easy adjustment and customization, ensuring a snug fit tailored to your preferences.

  5. 3/4 Length Control Sleeves: The 3/4 length control sleeves offer targeted compression for the arms, providing support and aiding in a quick recovery from arm surgery.

  6. Ideal for Daily and Post-Surgical Wear: Whether for everyday use or post-surgical recovery, GIRDLE SLEEVES is designed to meet your needs, offering both comfort and effective shaping.

  7. 2 Central Snap Levels: The two levels of central snaps allow for additional adjustability, accommodating various body shapes and providing a personalized fit.

  8. Compression for Post-Surgery Recovery: The garment compresses the arms, assisting in the swift recovery from arm surgery and promoting healing.

GIRDLE SLEEVES is the perfect blend of functionality and comfort, making it an essential addition to your wardrobe for achieving a streamlined and contoured look. Elevate your confidence and embrace a well-defined silhouette with GIRDLE SLEEVES. Order now for a supportive and shaping solution that complements your lifestyle.