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Ref. 905

Introducing the PANTY HOURGLASS LIFTS BUTTOCKS, the perfect sculpting garment to enhance your curves and provide you with an hourglass figure. This high-rise shaping short is crafted in Powernet, a material that combines comfort and durability to offer the support you need.

Key Features:

  1. Powernet Shaping: The PANTY HOURGLASS LIFTS BUTTOCKS is made with high-quality Powernet, ensuring a resilient garment that comfortably conforms to your body. This material choice provides the necessary compression to effectively sculpt your curves.

  2. Buttock-Lifting Fasteners: Strategically placed fasteners allow you to shape and naturally lift your buttocks. Achieve a more defined silhouette and enjoy a butt-lifting effect that enhances your figure.

  3. 3-Position Fasteners: Versatility is key. With three-position fasteners, you can adjust the compression according to your preferences, ensuring the perfect level of support for your comfort and stylization.

  4. Perineal Closure: Comfort is found in the details, and the perineal closure of this panty offers ease in putting on and taking off the garment without compromising its effectiveness.

  5. Antiskid Siliconed Lace: The siliconed lace on the edges prevents the short from rolling up, ensuring that the garment stays in place throughout the day. Forget about uncomfortable adjustments and focus on showcasing your best figure.

The PANTY HOURGLASS LIFTS BUTTOCKS is more than a garment; it's your ally in sculpting and enhancing your figure with elegance. Whether for special occasions or everyday wear, this panty provides the confidence you seek. Dare to enhance your curves and highlight your natural beauty. Order now and discover the difference it can make in your look and self-esteem!