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Ref. 607F

Introducing the VEST GIRDLE LATEX COVERED, a high-performance latex waist cincher meticulously designed for extra-strong control, crafted with 850 grams of premium latex. This powerful garment is tailored to make you appear up to 2 cm slimmer, enhancing the definition of your waist. Featuring an internal layer of cotton, it ensures outstanding comfort and a soft touch against your skin.

Key Features:

  1. Extra-Strong Latex Control: Precision-crafted with 850 grams of latex, the VEST GIRDLE LATEX COVERED delivers extra-strong control, effectively reducing your waist size for a more defined appearance.

  2. Internal Cotton Layer: The cincher boasts an internal cotton layer, providing exceptional comfort and a soft, luxurious feel, making it perfect for extended wear.

  3. Adjustable Abdominal Fastening with 3 Levels: The abdominal fastening with three adjustable levels allows you to tailor the cincher to your measurements, offering customizable control. The top security clasp prevents unexpected openings.

  4. Thermal-Lined Cincher with Deluxe Clasp: The thermal-lined waist cincher comes with a deluxe clasp, combining functionality with a touch of luxury for an elevated shapewear experience.

  5. Targets Excess Fat in Abdomen and Sides: Specifically designed to combat excess fat in the abdomen and sides, this cincher provides targeted control for a sleeker appearance.

  6. Bust Enhancement: The cincher enhances the bust, contributing to an overall flattering silhouette.

  7. Waist Reduction and Posture Correction: Achieve a reduced waist size and improved posture with this versatile cincher.

  8. Lycra and Cotton Lining: Lined with lycra and coated with hypoallergenic cotton, the cincher ensures a comfortable and allergy-resistant experience.

  9. Ideal for Daily Use and Physical Activities: Whether for daily wear or engaging in physical activities, this cincher is versatile and designed to support your lifestyle.

  10. Posture Correction: The VEST GIRDLE LATEX COVERED aids in correcting posture, ensuring a more upright and comfortable stance.

Experience the unmatched combination of strength, comfort, and style with the VEST GIRDLE LATEX COVERED. Order now and embark on a journey towards a more defined, sculpted silhouette.