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Ref. 606F

Introducing the WAIST GIRDLE LATEX COVERED, an extra-strong control latex waist cincher crafted with 850 grams of latex to help you achieve a look that appears up to 2 cm smaller and enhances the definition of your waist. This cincher is designed for maximum control, providing a layer of cotton on the inside for exceptional comfort and a soft touch.

Key Features:

  1. Extra-Strong Latex Control: Made with 850 grams of latex, the WAIST GIRDLE LATEX COVERED delivers extra-strong control to reduce your waist size and create a more defined look.

  2. Internal Cotton Layer: The cincher features an internal cotton layer, ensuring comfort and a soft feel against your skin, making it suitable for extended wear.

  3. Adjustable Abdominal Fastening with 4 Levels: The abdominal fastening with 4 adjustable levels allows you to tailor the cincher to your measurements and choose the desired level of control. The top security clasp prevents the garment from opening unexpectedly.

  4. Thermal-Lined Cincher with Deluxe Clasp: The thermal-lined waist cincher comes with a deluxe clasp, offering both functionality and a touch of luxury to your shapewear collection.

  5. Targets Excess Fat in Abdomen and Sides: Specifically designed to combat excess fat in the abdomen and sides, this cincher provides targeted control for a sleeker appearance.

  6. Bust Enhancement: The cincher enhances the bust, contributing to an overall flattering silhouette.

  7. Waist Reduction and Posture Correction: Achieve a reduced waist size and improved posture with this versatile cincher.

  8. Lycra and Cotton Lining: Lined with lycra and coated with hypoallergenic cotton, the cincher ensures a comfortable and allergy-resistant experience.

  9. Ideal for Daily Use and Physical Activities: Whether for daily wear or engaging in physical activities, this cincher is versatile and designed to support your lifestyle.

The WAIST GIRDLE LATEX COVERED combines the strength of latex with the comfort of cotton, making it an ideal choice for those seeking effective control with a touch of luxury. Order now and experience the benefits of a more sculpted and defined waistline.